year old 中文 sixteen-year-olds跟sixteen-year-old有什么區別?_百度

sixteen-year-olds跟sixteen-year-old有什么區別?_百度 …

sixteen-year-olds表示的是十六歲的人這一群體,sixteen-year-old 是指十六歲的。3,用法不同 sixteen-year-olds可以直接使用,sixteen-year-old不可以直接使用,后面要加名詞 擴展資料: sixteen-year-old 釋義:十六歲;十六歲的;復合形容詞
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相關詞: old, aged, elderly old 指“人,動物年老的”, 如: an old man老人。aged指“很老的”,“年老的”, 如: An aged man can not walk very fast. 上了年紀的人, 不能走得很快。elderly指“已過中年,接近老年的”(西方習慣一般在60-65歲之間), 如: He is an elderly man
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Hong Kong Yearbook

Hong Kong Yearbook
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公共福利金計劃 Social Security Allowance Scheme 年 Application …

 · PDF 檔案中文 ) Name in Chinese 英文 Name in English 身份證明文件號碼 Identity document number 類別 Type of identity document 香港身份證 HK Identity Card 其他(請註明) Others (Please specify) 性別 Sex 男 Male 女 Female 出生日期 Date of birth 年 Year 月
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舊英軍醫院(英語: Old British Military Hospital )是香港昔日一所軍事 醫院,位於香港島 半山區 波老道10號近寶雲道一帶,為駐港英軍及皇家香港警務處 特別任務連提供醫療服務。 現時舊英軍醫院被評級為香港一級歷史建築,其地下層由中英劇團及 Carmel School of Hong Kong 租用,上層則由香港猶太教國際
建國60周年大事記 1959年進步黨事件 - 朝鮮日報中文網——洞察世界的韓國之眼
ZARA Hong Kong SAR / 香港特別行政區
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These Days — a song of regret and remembrance written …

3/1/2021 · Certainly, it’s an uncommonly beautiful and lyrical song for someone so young and green to produce, but perhaps it’s exactly the kind of song a 16-year-old would write: maudlin and self-centred. For all we know, the line “Don’t confront me with my failures” refers to school exams rather than the countless disappointments of life.
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Louie Barry: 17-year-old lights up English football with …

9/1/2021 · Footballers don’t usually smile after losing a game 4-1, but all is forgiven in the case of teenager Louie Barry.
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How This 17-Year-Old Rapper From the Philippines is …

Her name is Fateeha. She’s a 17-year-old rapper who hails from the Philippines and she’s already making heads turn. The young artist shares her road into the entertainment industry and offers advice for others looking to follow her lead.
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Luminar going public mints 25-year-old autonomous …

3/12/2020 · Luminar going public makes 25-year-old Austin Russell one of world’s first, and youngest, self-driving billionaires Published Thu, Dec 3 2020 10:10 AM EST Updated Thu, Dec 3 2020 8:11 PM EST
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