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容量瓶(Volumetric flask)是實驗室中用于精確配制一定物質的量濃度的溶液的玻璃或塑膠儀器。 容量瓶通常是透明的,但有些用於處理光敏化合物(如硝酸銀和維生素A)的容量瓶可能是棕色的。 容量瓶又稱量瓶,當量瓶,定量瓶。
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中文名 容量瓶 外文名 volumetric flask 形 狀 細頸梨形平底 類 型 精確儀器 用 途 配制準確物質的量濃度溶液 特 點 標有刻度線,溫度,規格
Volumetric Flask Sizes 10-1000ml Class A for Analytical Chemistry.
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出處/學術領域 中文詞彙 英文詞彙 學術名詞 畜牧學 量瓶 volumetric(al) flask 學術名詞 生物學名詞-植物 量瓶 measuring flask 學術名詞 食品科技 量瓶 volumetric(al) flask 學術名詞 化學名詞-化學術語 量瓶 graduated bottle; measuring bottle; messflask; volumetric flask
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volumetric in Chinese : :測定體積的…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences. adj. 測量容積[體積]的;容積的,容量的,體積的。 volumetric analysis 容量[體積]分析(法)。 a volumetric flask 量瓶。
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Isolated chemical volumetric flask with colored solution, studio shot.
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2/6/2017 · Noun [] volumetric flask (plural volumetric flasks) A glass flask used in a laboratory for holding chemical liquids and solutions.They are similar in shape to a Florence flask, but with a longer neck and wider flat bottom.The neck is marked so that a particular volume
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13/9/2019 · volumetric (not comparable) Pertaining to measurement by volume. Derived terms [] equivolumetric nanovolumetric volumetric analysis volumetric display volumetric efficiency volumetric flask Related terms [] volumetrics Translations []
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Conical volumetric flask isolated on white background, studio shot.