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松柏・艾綠 White green 7 – 2018
Using the Japanese production epoxy resin.. 尺寸說明Dimensions : 100毫米直徑,3毫米厚 100mm dia. , 3mmthick 創作年份Year of artpiece: 2018 物料說明Material: 樹脂膠 Epoxy resin 松柏・艾綠 White green 7 – 2018 HK$3,500.00
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液流光 Fluidly light – 2018
樹脂膠 Epoxy resin 液流光 Fluidly light – 2018 HK$25,000.00 價格 無庫存 Resin the art Home Shop agape signature agape workshop portfolio about More 0 Master -piece shop Log In
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27/12/2020 · The best-value 16 oz. resin on our list is Puduo’s Epoxy resin, which retails at $1.38/oz. Even more budget-friendly is Unicone’s Art Crystal resin, which sells at $1.25/oz for 32 ounces. Generally speaking, past buyers recommend that resin users purchase more resin than they think they will need.
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New ltra-transparent AB Crystal Glue Two Component Epoxy Resin Sealant Quick - 露天拍賣
Epoxy Resin – an overview
Epoxy resin is used as the matrix phase in carbon-fibre composites for aircraft structures and as an adhesive in aircraft structural joints and repairs. There are many types of epoxy resins, and the chemical structure of an epoxy resin often used in aerospace.
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環氧樹脂面漆EPOXY RESIN PAINT, COLOR 產品型號 - 類 型: 由環氧樹脂 (EPOXY RESIN) 及特殊硬化劑配以耐候,耐化學性顏料而成之二液型重防蝕面漆。鋼管,鋼架,橋梁,工廠設施等鋼構造物防蝕用及水泥製品,地坪裝飾,防汙,防塵用之面漆。1. 漆
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PRODUCTS Megapoxy products are used in a range of industries and have a variety of adhesive products that suit any need. As well as our huge range of epoxy resins, you will also find a range of products to suit your building needs.
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優克得實業有限公司位於桃園市桃園區中山路民生路口,在地深耕三十餘年,優克得化工開業以來,專營各式本國及各國化工原料,進口食品添加物,色素,塑膠,玻璃儀器,實驗室器材,各類手工皂,DIY原料。 秉持專業知識及誠信原則,以交貨迅速,價格低廉,品質第一為原則。
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 · PDF 檔案www.epotek.com Tech Tip B-stage Epoxy 20 Definition B-staged epoxy resin is a descriptive term used to define a one component epoxy system, using a latent (low reactivity) curing agent. This unique product can be partially cured (sometimes referred to as “pre
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Epoxy Resin BD specializes in developing and distributing crystal clear epoxy resin. We develop, manufacture and ship our epoxy resin from our small business warehouse located in Dhaka. We have epoxy resin for artwork, wood tables epoxy, penny floors, garage floor epoxy resin, jewelry casting, marine and boat repair using fiberglass, electrical potting epoxy resin + …
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【時代中西畫材】EPOXY RESIN 厚塗型環氧樹脂 ab膠 滴膠 水晶膠 4KG組合 4KG組合(兩組以上需郵寄) - 露天拍賣